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Office Manager, Social Media Specialist
Carrie, like most veterinary professionals, has adored the company of pets ever since she can remember. When the opportunity arose for her to use her background in writing and marketing to benefit the lives of animals and the people who care for them, she knew she couldn’t pass up the chance! Carrie gets to satisfy her passion every day as a member of the Pendleton Veterinary Clinic family.

Carrie grew up as a military brat and spent many of her formative years growing up in Germany. After a brief time spent working in customer service during her teenage years, she found herself volunteering and working in animal shelters, even successfully coordinating multiple events and donation drives. Before long, Carrie knew that she wanted to transition to the medical side of the animal-care world. That’s when she joined the team here at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic! Carrie serves as the hospital’s Client Relations Coordinator and Social Media Specialist, and enjoys educating pet owners on new products that could help their companions and connecting with potential clients who have not yet had the opportunity to visit the clinic in person.

When she isn’t tending to the pets and animal owners of the Pendleton area, Carrie likes reading, writing, practicing her photography skills, and spending time with her family and dog at home. She and her partner live with a rescued Pit Bull, Kratos, a true gentle giant with a heart of gold.
Veterinary Assistant
Grooming and Veterinary Assistant
Chloe got her first rescue dog, a Yellow Lab named Dusty, when she was only 13 years old. She and her new pet were inseparable—they remained together throughout Chloe’s teenage years and beyond. Dusty left a permanent impression; Chloe has always wanted to help others experience the same unconditional love that she did! She gets to do just that as a member of the Pendleton Veterinary Clinic team.

Chloe is an Indianapolis native and began working in an animal clinic right after graduating from high school. She’s been in the veterinary field ever since! After moving to Anderson, Indiana in 2015 to be a little closer to home, Chloe joined the Pendleton Veterinary Clinic family that October. Her favorite parts of her work are meeting patients and clients every day, assisting with complex surgeries and monitoring patients under anesthesia, and helping pets to look their best through the power of grooming.

Away from work, Chloe likes to go camping and horseback riding, play volleyball, and spend time with her family and pets at home. She and her husband, Todd, live with a menagerie of animal companions. They have a Black Lab mix named Chevy; a rescued Jack Russell named Lyla; Rocco the German Shepherd; and a constantly hungry cat named Sargent. Chloe is also the proud owner of four beautiful horses: Cash, a chestnut-colored Quarter horse; a jet-black mare named Vegas; the clumsy Pinball; and a sassy paint mare named Dice.
Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Attendant
Ever since he was a young boy, Kyle was fascinated by the animal kingdom. His passion didn’t waver as he got older—he collected countless books about various animal species and practices, and he loved to get his hands on any critter that crossed his path. As fate would have it, Kyle’s journey has come full circle. He’s proud to help animals professionally as a member of Pendleton Veterinary Clinic’s care team!

Kyle was born in Kentucky but raised here in Indiana. He attended the Vet Tech Institute at International Business College in Indianapolis, graduating with his Associate’s degree in veterinary technology, and then started an externship right here at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic. It wasn’t long before that opportunity turned into a job!

Next, Kyle decided to enlist in the military—he became a United States Marine and even completed a deployment to the Middle East. After his time spent serving his country, Kyle returned home and signed on once again at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic. He’s been helping the pets and animal owners of the area live better lives ever since.

Away from work, Kyle enjoys lifting weights, traveling, kayaking, reading, and spending time with his girlfriend, Tara, and his dog, Eleanor Rigby.
Kennel Assistant
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    • Melanie HMelanie H

      Took my cat in to have an eye infection looked at, and was impressed by the kind staff, how quick they were to get us into an exam room, and the cleanliness of the clinic (did not smell like urine at all). The prices are also very reasonable! Ended up taking my dog the next week for an annual check up and was still just as impressed! They handled both my pets very well, and neither of them are easy patients. Would highly recommend to anyone

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    • Rick BrownRick Brown

      It's really nice going to a place that genuinely cares about your animals. We had a fairly bad experience with our previous vet where they kept dismissing us while we knew something was wrong with our dog. We decided to get a second opinion at PVC and the difference was obvious. We will not go anywhere else again!

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    • James WallaceJames Wallace

      We have taken our dogs and cats to Pendleton veterinary for the last 20 years, the vets have changed but the same great care for your pets.

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    • Tony PageTony Page

      My wife and I are very happy we found these guys! They did great with our baby boy Jax! We will defiantly continue coming to PVC!!

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    • Alyssa BrownAlyssa Brown

      They always treat our dogs with great care and are such a friendly staff. I trust their recommendations and treatment.

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    • Haley M.Haley M.

      Dr Crabtree is fantastic! Found an emergency appointment for my dachshund with a herniated disk. Worked with me to find a medicine that worked for her. He's... Read More

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      Best vet office I've ever been to! Dr. Crabtree and his staff are amazing and really treat everyone like family. They are knowledgeable, accommodating, and... Read More